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Meet Ben Rollenhagen: Champion for Bicycling Education

Ben Rollenhagen has worn many hats in the bicycling community, and many of his contributions will continue to have lasting impact on youth training and empowerment through bicycling. Having held many leadership roles in organizing Michigan bike races, teams, and developing a comprehensive bicycling education curriculum called Riding for Focus, Ben’s work has resulted in significant positive impact that continues to expand. While attending Central Michigan University (CMU) in 2004, Ben began racing while earning his Bachelor of Science in Education degree. He later returned to earn his Master’s in Physical Education Pedagogy and is currently working towards his doctorate...
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Meet David Palan – Cyclocross Enthusiast and Bike Shop CX Co-host

If you’ve ever attended a cyclocross race, you are familiar with the excitement and camaraderie that makes these events so thrilling for both competitors and audience members alike. There are many dedicated cyclists that take part in organizing these events, including David Palan – a cycling enthusiast and active community member in Michigan cyclocross (CX) racing. David Palan in the Cyclocross Community David, or Mr. David Palan (aka MDP) as he is cordially known, has taken an active role as a competitor, USAC race director, race promoter, race announcer, former bike shop manager, past president and current board member of...
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Meet Anne Grofvert: Builder of Trails, Confidence, and Community for Michigan Bicyclists

If you’ve biked the trails around mid-Michigan, you’ve likely benefited from the work of Anne Grofvert. Not only does she volunteer – building, maintaining, and advocating for trails that we can all enjoy – she is also an active racer, coach, and community builder for Michigan bicyclists. The Making of Cyclist Anne Grofvert When Anne moved to the Lansing area, exploring tri-county area roads and trails on bike fueled her passion for cycling. Her two-wheeled horizons expanded. She rode the DALMAC a few times and joined friends for several loaded tours. Her first mountain bike, a 1983 Trek 850, opened...
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