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Nathan’s Law Passes Michigan Senate

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Michigan Bicycle Law Takes a Big Step Forward

This morning, Michigan lawmakers took a significant step toward making the roads safer for those who ride bicycles and motorcycles. The Michigan Senate unanimously passed Nathan’s Law, which will also be known as the Nathan Bower Act. The law would add information about bicycle and motorcycle awareness to Michigan drivers education courses, and would emphasize the importance of motorists being aware of their surroundings while driving. Education is a key component to making roads safer for cyclists and motorcyclists. There is little question that this this legislation will reduce the number of automobile/bicycle and automobile/motorcycle accidents.

Bike LaneThe law is named after Nathan Bower, a 19 year old who was tragically killed in a motor vehicle-motorcycle crash in 2009. As we reported earlier, the bill was tremendously popular in the House, where it passed unanimously on June 4, 2014 with 90 out of 110 state representatives co-sponsoring it. It was then referred to the Senate Transportation Committee, which amended the law to require classroom instruction on “information concerning the laws pertaining to bicycles and motorcycles and [] emphasiz[ing] awareness of their operation on the streets, roads, and highways of [Michigan].

The Nathan Bower Act is one step closer to reaching the Governor’s desk for his signature. This is a great day for Michigan bicyclists and motorcyclists. We hope that the passage of this Act signals a changing in the tide, where Michigan lawmakers and ordinary citizens realize and embrace the fact that motorists, motorcyclists, and bicyclists all have the right to use Michigan roads, and that we deserve to be protected as we do so.

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