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Morning Cranks: Early Riders Sprinkled Around Southeast Michigan

Morning Cranks Club standing in front of the Donut Cutter

Starting the day off right is central to members of the Morning Cranks, and what better way to start than a bike ride with friends? This cycling club meets before the crack of dawn year-round to bike around Southeast Michigan. Fueled by friends and the promise of donuts at the end of a ride, this network of early risers knows how to have fun and fit exercise into a busy lifestyle.

About the Morning Cranks

The Morning Cranks is a network of Michigan cyclists that like to start their day with a bike ride. Typically departing at 5:30 AM every weekday, the group rides around 20 miles through Huntington Woods, Berkley, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and Bloomfield Hills. On Fridays, the group ride is a bit shorter and slower, starting in Huntington Woods and ending at the Donut Cutter in Berkley for sweet treats and socializing.

Membership for the Morning Cranks is free and currently includes over 150 members, with about 90 of these members being actively involved. Everyone is welcome to join this inclusive club in the manner that best suits them, whether that be joining members every morning for rides, riding a few days a week, or dropping in when possible. This club understands that a healthy lifestyle is unique to every individual and involves a careful balance of exercise, friends, and donuts – for the body, mind, and soul.

Morning Cranks club riding together at sunriseMorning Cranks in the Community

As passionate cyclists, members of the Morning Cranks are eager to be involved in their community. Riders participate in the “Bike the Blizzard” fundraiser every year, biking through the cold during Michigan’s winter to help fund Back Alley Bikes in their efforts to support the Detroit cycling community, such as supplying youth with bikes, a DIY Open Shop, educational classes, volunteer time, and more. In 2020, the club raised over $3000 in a single week to provide meals to local hospital staff on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Some members of the Morning Cranks are also involved in Michigan bike races, competing in a variety of events around the state. You can find a club member at most bike events, sporting their self-designed cycling outfits that usually include patterned donuts, coffee, and bacon (obviously).

If you are looking for a fresh start to your morning routine and want to check out the Morning Cranks, head to their Facebook page or Instagram to connect with club members!