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The 2015 Ride of Silence


After participating in Advocacy Day, consider honoring bicyclists who have been injured or killed while riding on the roads through the Ride of Silence

As we mentioned previously, May 20, 2015 (tomorrow) is Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day. It is a time when bicyclists from across the state will gather at the State Capitol in downtown
Lansing, meet with their legislators to discuss topics of interests to the Michigan cycling community, and network with like-minded individuals. However, there is another important event happening later on that afternoon: the Ride of Silence.ride-of-silence-lansing

The Ride of Silence honors those who have lost their lives or have been injured while biking on local roads. The idea is to not only remember those who have been injured or killed in your own community, but around the world.

Participation in the Ride of Silence is not competitive; cyclists will move at a slow pace so that all individuals may join if they so choose. Those who choose to participate in the Ride of Silence must wear helmets, should ride no faster than 12 miles per hour, and must remain silent through the duration of the ride. As of today, there are 323 confirmed rides scheduled this year.

There are a number of reported Rides of Silence in Michigan this year. Bicycle rides will take place in the following cities and towns:

There may be additional instructions provided by the organizers of the specific ride you choose. Be sure to check the Ride of Silence website for any additional information you may need, including contact information for your ride organizers.

Both Advocacy Day and the Ride of Silence are important events allowing you to both advocate for and pay tribute to bicyclists who have been injured or killed while riding on public roads, and are great ways to get involved during Bike Month.